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We can cater big or small, on premise or off! Smoke it there or smoke it at ours. We aim to do what you need, wherever it may be, for whatever that occasion is! Our team has a combined knowledge of over 50 years of hospitality and we are passionate about all things fire and BBQ. 

Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch to make that BBQ event you and your friends will never forget and get you wanting to do it again & again! 

The SCBBQ TEAM is waiting to make that BBQ party dream a reality.


You can have it cheap, fast or good. Pick two of em. You want it fast and good, it won’t be cheap. You want it good and cheap then it won’t be fast… You want it fast and cheap then it won’t be good. 

We are more expensive than our competitors but we’ll be right here to make sure you get what you asked for and more the entire time.

SMOKIN COLE BBQ Acc# 12-3427-0166708-53



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